• Curling, Perming, Volumizing
  • It literally takes 30 seconds to heat up to your choice of 10 heat levels.
  • It works on any hair type, just use lower heat for thinner hair and higher heat for thicker hair.
  • It works with BOTH long hair and short hair!

Beautiful hair in seconds!

This hair tool is easy-to-use and gives you long-lasting volume while minimizing hair damage. Choosing the wrong hair tools can get you stuck with "bad hair day", use this beauty-influencer recommended product for easy, gorgeous hair everyday.


The revolutionary checkered plates enable more surface area of your hair so it gets evenly heated, thereby giving you immediate, visible volume! Normal hair tools may damage your hair, causing dry, frizzy hair, and even split-ends.


Our hair tool conditions your hair to be smooth and glowing so you don't het split-ends. It's multipurpose and can be used for volumizing your bangs or hair roots.


For starters:

Plug the product into the power outlet. Make sure Lock/Unlock Slide Switch is set to the “unlock” position.

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, until numbers show up on the LED temperature display.

Press (+) to increase or (–) to decrease the temperature. 

Choose a low temperature if you’re using the product for the first time. Test on a small lock of hair on bottom section.

Use the product according to your hair type.

Choose proper heat setting for your hair type to achieve the best result. 


Auto universal voltage for use around the world

30 minutes auto shut off



How to Use:

1, Preparation on the top section: 

Begin with clean, dry, detangled hair

Use tip of a comb to part hair into 2 sections: left and right

Take top layer of your hair (about ⅓ of the rest of the hair, depending on the volume you have)

Separate this layer from the rest

Leave this section of hair untouched. 


2, 2-style next layer - Clamp & Release

--take the layer of hair close to the top section

--hold the strand of hair perpendicular to your head

—Do not twist your hair around the iron plates


3, Style the bottom layer

Take another layer of hair towards the bottom

Repeat step 2, the more layers you separate, the more voluminous it will be. 

Styled hair will be textured, run your finger through your curls to break them up and achieve a natural voluminous look

The hair strands will be loosen up after cools down, and covered up by the top layer of your hair.


4, release the hair strands and repeat the steps above with the opposite sections of hair

-release all the styled hair strands 

repeat the steps above with the opposite sections of hair

--smooth out hair strands


From wavy hair to afro-textured, you can achieve various degrees of volume based on your personal preference.


5, Volumize ponytail or bun

This product can also add extra height and volume on top of the head to avoid a flat ponytail. Give a lift to the top section of hair for lasting volume and a layered look. Use the product for any hairstyles that you like. 


6, Switch off the product

Press the power button until the indicator light is switched off.

It takes several seconds to completely switch off the product.

If the product is switched on for more than 30 minutes continuously, it will automatically switch off.

Still, we recommend you turn off the product manually and unplug it from the power socket. 



Before operation:

1- Remove the package of the product and plug it into power socket. Make sure Lock/Unlock Slide Switch is set to the unlock position.

2-Press and hold the power button until numbers show up on LED temperature display.


During operation:

1-Start with a low temperature setting, test on a small strand of hair.

2-Press (+) to increase or (–) to decrease the temperature. 

3-Adjust the temperature setting by 10 degrees celsius, use appropriate heat settings for your hair type to achieve the best voluminous look. 


After use:

1--Press the on/ off button until the indicator light is switched off, it might take several seconds for it to switch off. 

2- Unplug the product and let it completely cools down before cleaning.

3- Make sure the product has completely cooled down before using lock function.


Temperature Setting Guide:

Fine or damaged hair: 160°C-170°C

Medium or normal hair: 170°C-180°C

thick or coarse hair: 180°C-200°C

Original of HAIR VOLUMIZING IRON - Easy to Use, Heats up in 30s

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